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Helping Hands' first project, the Flying Garden Project, was  to build gardens for one thousand households in the Kibera settlement in Nairobi.  The project, launched in 2020, required the participation of community leaders, special workers, volunteers, coordinators and financial supporters.  

In 2021, HHFI expanded the flying garden program into Western and Eastern Kenya, as well as parts of Central Region and Rift Valley.

During 2021, HHFI began teaching principles of environmental conservation and encouraging beneficiaries to plant trees. HHFI partnered with Kipepeo Green Heritage, a non-profit NGO committed to planting two million trees in two years.  

HHFI developed two systems for managing water resources, a water harvesting dam and the HHFI Drip to Drip Irrigation Kit System.

HHFI established two demonstration sites: Tala, in Eastern Kenya, and Masogo Tipping Point, in Kisumu County. These sites are always open to visitors who want to see a demonstration of HHFI programs. 

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Reaching out

We create strategic community development partnerships with stakeholders including community leaders, community development professionals, educators, other NGOs and community-based organizations who share our goals and objectives.  Partnering enables us to reach out to a broad universe of potential beneficiaries as well as maintain relationships within our target groups.

Our Partners: Meet the Team
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Kipepeo Green Heritage is a non-profit environmentally focused organization, based in Nairobi, that aims to plant two million trees in two years, using Kipepeo clubs for students in participating schools.

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