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Flying garden farming is a term for sack gardening, also known as container gardening or vertical gardening. The flying garden provides a solution to the space problem in densely populated urban areas such as Kibera, in Nairobi. Flying garden refers to crops grown in a sack filled with a mixture of stones, earth and manure.

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Small space gardening

Container gardening is an ideal solution for households without land or space for crop growing to raise vegetable gardens. We deliver sacks, seeds, fertilizer, and seedling trays to our target groups, and teach them to grow organic vegetables in the small spaces available to them. Households will reap the nutritional benefits of diversifying their diet as well as having a little extra cash.


Community Development

The flying garden project strengthens the community by creating new links and new bonds between target group members. Moreover it enhances the well-being of participants. Members can boost their self esteem by having an activity outside of work and many of them are reconnecting with their rural origins. Social ties are reinforced when target group participants meet during training sessions and thereafter meet to share information about gardening, nutrition and cooking. Sack gardening creates opportunities for beneficiaries, many of whom are women, to exercise their entrepreneurial skills. A project born out of necessity can pave the way to prosperity, from which the entire community will benefit.

The Flying Garden Project: Programs
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