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  • Helping Hands Farm Initiative strives to end food insecurity and poverty by teaching income-creating farming skills and providing farm inputs to vulnerable communities in urban and peri-urban areas in Kenya.

  • Our work supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 1 and 2; No poverty and zero hunger by 2030. 

Mission Statement: Who We Are


  • To provide a sustainable means of putting food on the family table

  • To mitigate the effects of systemic food shortages and periodic high food prices

  • To produce clean and safe food and diversify the diet of households

  • To teach a space-saving method of farming

  • To enable a household to save on the purchase of vegetables and raise cash by selling surplus vegetables

  • To empower women, socially and economically

  • To increase savings opportunities and further investment goals

  • To facilitate new social links

  • To increase community resilience and well-being

Mission Statement: About Us
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