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How do we measure success? 

Success is measured by the improvement in the lives of the people with whom we engage.  Through our volunteer network, we keep in touch with our member families and we encourage our participants to articulate their experience with food security before and after they implement our initiative.  

Is maintaining a Flying Garden a full-time job?

A person can do all the maintenance on their flying garden after they come home from work.

How many people will be helped by my donation?  

Our Flying Garden Project plan anticipates our reaching upwards of 200 households per quarter.  We are targeting close to 1,000 households in a year in Western Kenya, Central Region, Eastern Region and Rift Valley.

Is my donation tax deductible?  

We are a 501(c)(3) corporation and gifts to HHFI are fully tax deductible in the US.

How do I make a donation?

Either here on the site, via PayPal or credit card, or by USD check to Helping Hands Farm Initiative, Inc.  Contact us for further information.

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