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Embrace the Future of Transactions with W88's Crypto Deposit Bonus

Introduction: In tune with the modern trends, W88 has embraced the use of cryptocurrency as a method for depositing and withdrawing funds on its platform from win betting tips. This innovative approach offers users anonymity, security, and exciting bonus rewards when depositing Crypto into W88.

Registration Guide: To take advantage of this promotion, members need to click on the "CLAIM PROMOTION" button to register for the program. Once registered, the bonus will be automatically credited to the member's account.

Withdrawal Guide: Members can withdraw their funds with ease by navigating to the designated withdrawal section within the top 10 bookmaker W88 platform, accessible via both the website and mobile app. Here, players can select their preferred withdrawal method from a range of secure options available. Follow the straightforward instructions provided to complete the transaction securely and efficiently. Keep in mind that while W88 endeavors to process withdrawals promptly, the duration may vary depending on the chosen payment method. Be patient, and rest assured that your winnings will be on their way to your bank account in due course, ready to fuel your next gaming adventure.

Crypto Deposit Bonus Promotion:

W88 is leading the way in embracing the latest trends by introducing cryptocurrency as a method for depositing and withdrawing funds on its platform.

Cryptocurrency transactions offer anonymity, security, and, notably, additional bonus rewards when depositing Crypto into W88.

Promotion Period:

Expanding on the terms and conditions of the promotion:

This promotion spans from October 1, 2022, at 00:00:00 (GMT+8) to October 31, 2022, at 23:59:59, inclusive. During this period, all members registered with VND currency are eligible to participate, ensuring inclusivity across the W88 community.

The mechanics of the promotion involve awarding bonus rewards to members based on the number of successful Crypto deposits made into the platform. The bonus rewards are structured into two tiers, as detailed in the table below:

To qualify for Level 1 rewards, members must complete between 1 to 4 Crypto transactions during the promotion period. Upon meeting this criterion, they will receive a bonus of 200 VND, subject to a rollover requirement of 2.

For members aiming for Level 2 rewards, they need to conduct 5 or more successful Crypto transactions within the specified timeframe. Upon achieving this threshold, they will be rewarded with a higher bonus amount of 500 VND. Unlike Level 1, Level 2 does not specify a rollover requirement, offering more flexibility in utilizing the bonus funds.

It's important to note that the bonus rewards are contingent upon the successful completion of Crypto transactions and are subject to verification by W88. Additionally, members should adhere to the specified transaction volumes and rollover requirements to qualify for the respective bonus tiers.

How to Participate and Claim Rewards:

To register for this program, members need to click on "CLAIM PROMOTION" to get started.

The bonus rewards will be automatically credited to the member's account.

Promotion Regulations:

The allocation of rewards is limited to the first 388 members who successfully make valid deposits each day, adhering to the specific criteria outlined by W88. This limitation ensures fairness and encourages members to act promptly to secure their bonuses.

Furthermore, each member is entitled to receive only one reward per day, determined by their transaction volume and corresponding bonus tier. This policy prevents any single member from monopolizing the rewards and allows for a more equitable distribution among participants.

Importantly, players have the opportunity to earn rewards multiple times throughout the duration of the promotion. This flexibility encourages continued engagement with the platform and provides ongoing incentives for members to participate actively.

However, it's crucial to note that W88 reserves the right to suspend or terminate the promotion at any time, without prior notice. This provision safeguards the integrity of the promotion and allows W88 to respond swiftly to any unforeseen circumstances or instances of abuse.

Additionally, W88 retains the authority to withhold rewards and disqualify members found to be abusing the promotion. This includes any attempts to exploit loopholes or engage in fraudulent activities to gain an unfair advantage. By enforcing these measures, W88 upholds the integrity of its promotional offerings and ensures a positive experience for all participants.


With its Crypto Deposit Bonus promotion, W88 is not just embracing the future of transactions but also rewarding its members for adopting this innovative method. Don't miss out on the chance to enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrency while earning exciting bonuses at online betting site in bangladesh.


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